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Dariush Robertson

Postgraduate Research Student


In addition to working at Newcastle University, over the last eight years I have worked as a freelance translator, and this has included:

Working on over twenty video game localisation projects, translating over 1 million Chinese characters, and proofreading over 1 million words. This includes franchises such as Assassin's Creed, Borderlands, and Kings of Glory (Arena of Valor), and various games based on Chinese classical literature, such as Journey to the West, Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Heroes of the Marsh, and Investiture of the Gods.

Translating a collection of poems by the Chinese poet, Wang Guozhen, which has been published.

Currently translating the novel ?????? The Zither Player of Angkor by the Taiwanese novelist, Zhang Yingtai.

Translating the Chinese content for the English subtitles of the TV series: Gap Year.

Translating the subtitles of the Taiwanese movie Once Upon A Time in Kinmen (??) for Director Chun-Han Shi (???). 


How Chinese culture specific references (CSRs) influence the participants of Chinese to English (C-E) video game translation in the process of localisation

The aim of this project is to explore and create critical knowledge of how CSRs influence the participants of Chinese to English video game translation in the process of localisation. This will involve investigating how Chinese CSRs influence the thoughts, decisions, interactions, and actions of the participants involved in C-E video game translation, including the developers, project managers, translators, and reviewers. Furthermore, this project aims to identify any underlying patterns of phenomena occurring within or directly around the translation stage, and what wider socio-cultural implications they may have.

There is currently a research gap in understanding how socio-cultural phenomena influences video game translation in the process of localisation, and insufficient research has been conducted on the translation of Chinese video game texts. This areas will therefore be the focus of this research.

Research Interests

Video game translation, localisation, Chinese culture, ideology, soft power, CSRs


2010 - Present: Part Time Lecturer and Teaching Assistant at Newcastle University:

- Lecturer on the Chinese to English side of the Subtitle Translation and Video Game Translation module of the T&I MA

- Demonstrator on the Translation Technology module of the T&I MA

- Marker of the Chinese into English translation homework assignments

- Provide feedback for Chinese into English interpreting in mock conferences

2006 - 2009: English Teacher at Chinese Culture University (Taipei):

- Taught a wide range of group classes including Business English, Advanced Conversation, and Presentation English.

2004 - 2006: English Teacher at Shane English School - Head Office (Taipei):

- Taught English to learners of all ages, ranging from kindergarten to adult learners


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