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Dr Gustavo Guajardo

Teaching Fellow Spanish Linguistics



My research focuses on language change in morphosyntax and the relationship between variation, language acquisition and change. In particular, I'm interested in the role that language acquisition plays in the shift from (stable) variation to language change. Using corpus and experimental methods, some of the larger questions I address in my research are:
  1. Where/ How does variation originate?
  2. How can stable variation be distinguished from language change in progress?
  3. How do children acquire grammatical features that are variable in the input?
  4. What role does language acquisition play in tipping the scale from variation to change?
  5. What can variation and change tell us about the architecture of Grammar?

PhD in Linguistics: University of California, San Diego, USA.
MA in Linguistics: University of Montana, USA.
BA in English: Joaquín V. González, Argentina


As of February 2019, I will be joining the LAVA group at the University of Tromsø and the joint UiT/ NTNU research group AcqVa as a postdoctoral research fellow to conduct my own research project on the effects of literacy and language contact on language change. 


My PhD dissertation, Subjunctive and Sequence of Tense in Three Spanish Varieties: Corpus and Experimental Studies of Change in Progress, is a quantitative study using corpus and experimental data of the variation in subjunctive tense in Argentina, Mexico and Spain. 

I'm interested in morphosyntactic variation and change as well as the role that language acquisition plays in driving language change. 

My research is both theoretical and experimental. I use corpus and experimental methods to investigate theoretical questions such as (i) how can variation be distinguished from ongoing language change, (ii) why do certain structures exhibit variability but others don't? and (iii) how do children acquire variable input? 


Guajardo, G. Goodall G. On the Status of Concordantia Temporum in Spanish: An Experimental Approach. Glossa (accepted with revisions)

Guajardo, G. Variation in Concordantia Temporum in Three Spanish Varieties: A Language Change Account. (under review)

Guajardo, G. Register-dependent Synchronic Variation can Mask Diachronic Language Change: A Study of Variation in Subjunctive Tense across Three Registers. (under review)


In Semester 1 2018, I will be teaching the following modules:

1) SML 1019- Introduction to Linguistics (Stage 1): 

Co-taught with Dr. Carol Fehringer and Dr. Damien Hall. I teach the Introductory ClassSyntax, and Language Contact lectures and I lead the Spanish seminars for this module. 

2) SPA 1071- Grammar Lectures (Stage 1)

3) SPA 2061- Grammar Lectures (Stage 2)

4) SPA 4007- Spanish and Romance World Analysis (Stage 4)

Consultation Hours for Semester 1: 

Mondays 12-1pm

Tuesdays 10:30-11:30am

Wednesdays 1-2pm

Please feel free to email me if you can't make any of my consultation hours and I will be happy to arrange a meeting at some other time.