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Hanna Burdorf

Postgraduate Research Student


Postgraduate Research Student

I am a PhD candidate in Uyghur studies. I research so called “bilingual” education (Uyghur and Chinese) for Uyghur children in Xinjiang,  China. I have a background in Chinese Studies and graduated from Tübingen University, Germany in 2010 with a BA and from Bordeaux University, France in 2014 with a MA. I catalogued old Chinese books (17th-20th century) at  Bordeaux University Library and worked for a French virtual reality software company in China for two years.



Jo Smith Finley and Patricia Oliart

PhD Project

"Bilingual" Education for Uyghurs in Xinjiang: PRC State Discourses on and Practice of Bilingual Education and Multiculturalism

The so called “bilingual" education in Xinjiang (China) aims at making Uyghur children fluent in Standard Chinese by using Standard Chinese as the only language of instruction in public (pre-)schools. My research intends to analyse the design of and PRC state discourses on Chinese(-medium) education for the Uyghur population of Xinjiang, including “bilingual education” for the school-aged population and coercive Chinese language learning in “political re-education centres” for the adult population within the context of multicultural education. An analysis of state discourses on BLE through textual and discourse analysis of official Chinese government and newspaper publications will be the main contribution of this research. Supplementary empirical data about the implementation of BLE has been collected during conversations with Uyghurs from 2018-2019 through informal conversations with (former) Uyghur teachers as well as Uyghur parents in Xinjiang, Inner China and the diaspora in Turkey. My findings will contribute to our understanding of how Chinese-medium education is designed and implemented as part of the Chinese state’s policies to manage ethnic and cultural diversity.


Second International Conference in Uyghur Studies, Université Libre de Bruxelles, November 2015, paper: The sinicization of the school system in Xinjiang

Voices/Ways of Modernity in the Muslim Chinese World, Bordeaux University, October 2014, paper: Linguistic policies in education and sinicizing modernity of the Uyghurs in XInjiang


CHN4001 Level C Chinese language (Chinese-English Translation)
CHN4061 Level D Chinese language (Chinese-English Translation: Authentic Texts)