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Dr Myriem El Maizi

Senior Lecturer



Office Hours


After completing an MA in American Literature and Translation at the Sorbonne University in Paris, I graduated from the University of Newcastle in 2004 with a PhD on 'Marguerite Duras ou l'écriture du devenir'.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Degree Programme Director for MA in Professional Translation for European Languages
  • Pastoral Tutor (UG & MA in Professional Translation for European Languages)
  • School Quality Officer


1998: Licence LCE / Classes préparatoires Hypokhâgne-Khâgne
(University of Toulouse le Mirail, France)
1999: MA in American Literature and Translation (Mention TB)
(La Sorbonne Paris III, France)
2004: PhD on 'Marguerite Duras ou l'écriture du devenir'
(Newcastle University)
2007: Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (Distinction)
(Newcastle University)


Society for French Studies
Conseil International d'Études Francophones (CIÉF)
Société Marguerite Duras


Research Interests

Lebanese Francophone Literature and Bande Dessinée; Twentieth-century Literature, particularly Marguerite Duras; Manuscript studies.

Current Work

I am currently working on a project looking at Representations of the Civil War in Francophone Lebanese writings and bande dessinée.

Esteem Indicators

Peer Reviewer for the ITEM-based journal of Genetic Studies Recto/Verso.


AHRB studentship for the completion of my PhD


Undergraduate Teaching

FRE2009 Paris: Aspects of History and Culture
FRE2045 French Caribbean Literature (Module Leader)
FRE2061 Grammar Lectures Level C
FRE3052 French Writing Skills: Translation I (Module Leader)
FRE3004 French Writing Skills: Translation II (Module Leader)

Postgraduate Teaching

SML8012 Translation Practice and Principles
SML8013 Translation Workshop (Module Leader)
SML8014 Liaison Interpreting (Module Leader)
SML8015 Consecutive Interpreting (Module Leader)