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Dr Rebecca Johnson

Research Associate


About me

I am a research associate on the AHRC-funded PoetTrio Experiment research into poetry translation in trios. 

My research interests orient around questions of gender, domestic labour, language, classical literature, material culture, food and eating, cultural history and theory. 

Literary Curation

  • In 2016 I founded the Food Memory Bank, a public archive of food memory that is ongoing. 
  • I co-curate Sitting Room, a long running collaboration producing poetry readings and events featuring upcoming and award-winning poets in London. 
  • I have co-curated a Arts Council funded translation-themed of the Newcastle Poetry Festival 2018, with the Poetry Book Society. 
  • I am co-founder of Voices at the Table, a sell-out literary food salon in London that has featured the likes of Kit de Waal, Rachel Roddy, Bee Wilson, Eli Goldstone, among others.
  • At Newcastle I curated the 'Translation as Collaboration' event in July 2017 featuring poets, artists and composers from across the UK.

Creative and Critical Practice

I have a diverse creative and critical practice that includes writing prose, poetry and reviews, as well as performance pieces and installations for public audiences.

  • I have been commissioned by: The British Council, The Austrian Cultural Forum, Copy Press, The Happy Reader, The Conway Hall, Bon Magazine, Feast Journal, AnOther magazine, Grub Zine, The Times Literary Supplement, The LRB, The Financial Times, AnOther magazine, Bon magazine among others.

I have had a diverse journalism career, principally as a fashion writer and editor for the likes of Vogue, Elle, Telegraph, The Business of Fashion, and many more. 


  • PhD - University College London - research into a contemporary feminist reworking of the Odyssey by German poet Barbara Köhler, 'Niemands Frau'
  • MSt - University of Oxford - Women's Studies
  • BA - University College London (Erasmus study at Humboldt) - German Studies


Co-convenor of the Gender Research Group

Member of the Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Member of the Research Impact and Engagement Committee


  • Johnson RM. Twenty-First Century Epic : How Barbara Köhler Rewove Homer's Odyssey. London: Institute of Modern Languages Research, 2019. In Preparation.
  • Johnson RM. Niemands Frau as a 'Minor Translation' of the Odyssey from 'er' to 'sie'. In: Georgina Paul, ed. An Odyssey For Our Time. Barbara Köhler's 'Niemands Frau'. Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2013, pp.71-87.
  • Johnson RM. On Weeds. The London Review of Books (Online) 2017. TLS.
  • Johnson RM. Crunching Delicately; MFK Fisher and Patience Gray. The Times Literary Supplement 2017.
  • Johnson RM. Spoiled Goods. Feast Journal 2017. Podia, Manchester, (3).
  • Johnson RM. Foodwordmemoryloops: Nostalgic Thoughts of The Vienna Coffee House. 2016. London: The Austrian Cultural Forum.
  • Johnson RM. Rituals of Eating in Joseph Roth's Radetzky March. 2016. London, UK: The Austrian Cultural Forum, One evening.
  • Johnson RM. Translation as Firework at The Austrian Cultural Forum | Milk Trip ≠ Milchreise. 2015. London: The Austrian Cultural Forum.
  • Johnson RM. Salubrious Diversion; Review of Kramer, J. 'The Reporter's Kitchen. Essays'. Times Literary Supplement 2018, (6001), 1.