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Samuel Anaya-Guzman




Tuesday 9-10


I am a Mexican national who has held a variety of language teaching posts in Mexico (Teaching English as a Foreign Language and Spanish as a Second Language) and in the United Kingdom (Sheffield, Plymouth and now at this university). My responsibility at Newcastle is for the Spanish language component of the SML’s degrees.

Roles and Responsibilities

SML Spanish Language Tutor
Module Leader for Spanish Level A (SPA1065 and SPA1066)
Module Leader for Spanish Level B (SPA1071)
Module Leader for Spanish Level C (SPA2061)
The induction and Mentoring of part time staff
An appropriate share of Spanish language assessment duties (exam setting, scrutiny, invigilation, marking, processing etc.).
Assistant Pastoral Tutor


Details of degrees, diplomas and other qualifications and where and when obtained

1994-96 M.A. in Applied Linguistics, at the University of Sheffield, England.

1988-92 B.A. in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
at the Universidad de Guadalajara; Jalisco, México.
The course included a substantial amount of teaching practice as well as the study of a great variety of subjects e.g. Psycholinguistics, Psychopedagogy, Pedagogical Grammar, Phonetics and Phonology, Lexical Studies, Sociolinguistics, Discourse Analysis, Language and Culture, Research Methods and Techniques, and Introduction to Translation.

Previous Positions

1984 Teacher of EFL (English as a Foreign Language), Programa del INEA (Instituto Nacional de Educación para los Adultos); Unión de Tula, Jalisco, México.
The language teaching which I did within this context was part of a national literacy programme for adults.

1989-90 Teacher of EFL, PAL (Programa abierto de Lenguas Extranjeras, within the University of Guadalajara); Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

1989-91 Teacher of EFL, Preparatoria Licenciado José Parres Arias (within the University of Guadalajara); Jalisco, México.

1990-91 Teacher of EFL,. Insitituto Anglo Americano; Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.

1991 Teacher of ESP (English for Specific Purposes), Chemical Engineering Faculty (within the University of Guadalajara); Jalisco, México.
The main focus was on the teaching of reading English for Science and Technology.

1991 Teacher of EFL (as part of my University Social Service); Camichines, Jalisco, México.

1993 Teacher of EFL (as part of my University Social Service); Jocotán, Jalisco, México.

1990-93 Teacher of EFL, Puerta de Hierro (Private Company); Zapopan, Jalisco, México.

1992-93 Teacher of EFL (English as a Foreign Language), Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (ITESM), Campus Guadalajara; Jalisco, México.

1993-97 Spanish Lector, Department of Hispanic Studies,
The University of Sheffield; England.

1997 Spanish Lecturer, The Modern Languages Teaching Centre,
The University of Sheffield; England.

1997-8 Spanish Lector, Centre for Modern Languages,
The University Plymouth; England.

date Spanish Language Tutor, School of Modern Languages,
The University of Newcastle upon Tyne; England.


Spanish and English

Informal Interests

Salsa, keeping fit


Research Interests

Mr Anaya-Guzmán, as part of his Master’s dissertation produced, justified and evaluated materials for teaching Spoken Spanish to undergraduates using the Action Research Framework. His BA thesis was entitled “Be the master, NOT the slave of our textbook”.
Current research and interests include classroom interaction in the Spanish as a foreign language HE context, materials design and curriculum development.


Undergraduate Teaching

Spanish Level A (SPA1065 and SPA1066).
Spanish Level B (SPA1071)
Spanish Level C (SPA2061)

Postgraduate Teaching

Spanish Level E (SPA8016)
Part of the M.A. in Modern Languages