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Lu Wang

Doctoral student in Chinese and Translation Studies


Prof. Qian Jun and Dr. Valerie Pellatt

Translated Modernity - Building a Modern Mentality for China in the West Wind Magazine (1936-1949)

This study is on Xifeng (西风 West Wind, 1936-1949), a widely-circulated Chinese magazine mainly publishing translated articles from popular publications in the western countries, which lasted throughout the war period in China. Among periodicals featuring translations during the same period, Xifeng is unique in its depolitical stance and close attention to the ordinary people and life, demonstrating a special ethos among the contributors and readers, who belonged to a group of newly-educated middle-class urbanites in China.

Through a careful examination of the translated articles and indigenous writings in this magazine, the study explores the Chinese modernity from a perspective of modern mentality, which involves an attitude of a modern literary life, a re-recognition of “being Chinese”, a new feminist mind-set, and a scientific view of life.

The thesis will argue that a modern mentality is constructed through translation of the western modern knowledge and everyday practices, contributing to a confident, rational, and healthy way of thinking among a group of modern men and women. In an interdisciplinary study crossing into translation studies and discourses on Chinese modernity, the role of translation played in the formation of Chinese modern mentality will be investigated against the historical context of the 1930s-40s China.

Research Interests

Popular magazine and translation, discourse of modernity in China, translation studies

Conference presentations

 “Modeng or Xiandai? A Different Approach to Modernity– A study on the Magazine Xifeng in China (1936-1949)”, The British Association for Chinese Studies (BACS) Annual Conference 2014, Newcastle University, Sep, 2014.

“Re-establishing a World Citizenship through Translation– A study on a Chinese Magazine Xifeng (West Wind, 1936-1949), International Conference of Journal and Translation, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China, Jun, 2014.

“Chinese Modernization in the War – Scientific Translation in Xifeng Magazine (1936-1949)”, Translation and Modernization in East Asia in the 19th and Early 20th Century Conference, Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, May, 2013.

 “Gu Hongming and His Translation of Confucian Classics”, 2012 Postgraduate Students Conference: Methods & Approaches in Translation Studies, Baptist University, Hong Kong, May, 2012.


  • 2014-2015 Introduction to Chinese Culture (CHN1005), seminars, Newcastle University
  • 2012-2013 Topics in Chinese Literature, tutorials, City University of Hong Kong
  • 2011-2012 Searching for Modern Chinese “Self”, tutorials, City University of Hong Kong
  • 2006-2011 Translation, lectures, Sun Yat-sen University, China


2013- now British Association for Chinese Studies, UK

2012- now Association of Translation Studies affiliated to the Chinese Comparative Literature Association, China

Academic Background

2011-2013 PhD programme in Translation Studies, Department of Chinese, Translation and Linguistics, City University of Hong Kong

2003-2006 MA/Mlit in Translation and Interpreting, School of Foreign Languages and Literature, Xiamen University, China

1999-2003 BA in English, School of Foreign Languages, Henan University, China