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Zhengguo He

Doctoral Student in Translation Studies



  • M.A. in Foreign and Applied Linguistics, Guangxi University, Nanning, China - 2009
  • B.A. in English, Henan University of Science and Technology, Luoyang, China - 2003


  • Social Media Officer,  School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University, 2014 to Present
  • Website manager,  School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University, 2014 to Present
  • IT demonstrator, School of Medical School, Newcastle University, 2014 to Present
  • JHK Fansub Group Founder and Leader, July 2013 to Present


  • CATTI Level II, English-Chinese Translation, 2012



Dr. Ya-Yun Chen and Dr. Valerie Pellatt

Subtitling Norms for Fansub in China

The concept of norms has been employed by many scholars in translation studies to gain a better understanding of the interaction between translators and their audiences. Toury (2012) first assumes translations as facts of a target culture and defines translation as a norm-governed activity. Prosub (subtitle by professionals) and fansub (subtitle by fans) groups not only conform to common norms but also establish their own norms.

Professional translators adjust their translation to meet readers' expectations. Meanwhile, according to Chesterman (1997), “the expectations of readers are also based on their experience reading translations done by professional translators, which means the translators are initially responsible for establishing product norms” (p.67-68).

Chesterman's theory applies to professional translation; however, we know very little about whether or how his norm theory applies to amateur translation of fansub.

Research Interests

  • Corpus-based translation studies, Subtitling (English-Chinese-Japanese)

Conference Talks

  • Translation Information Literacy, Session Chair, ICSSB, Macau 08/2013
  • English Learning Happiness, Third Pan-Pearl River Delta Translation Workshop, China, 10/2012

Awards and Grants

  • Newcastle University PGR Innovation Fund 2014
  • Research Innovation Grant, Guangxi University, 07/02/2008 
  • Master’s Program Scholarship, Guangxi University, 09/02/2006
  • Outstanding Bachelor Program Graduate, Henan University of Science and Technology, 05/2003

Published Translation Works

  • Guangdong Han Music Library, China: Guangdong Jiaying Audio Publishing Ltd. 2013
  • Jiaying University Centennial Anniversary Feature Film China: Meizhou TV Co. 2013
  • Website of Guangxi Ocean Century Energy Group Co., Ltd.

Journal Publications

  • He Z., Lian J., Shi Z (2009). "A Corpus-based Translation Studies of China-ASESAN Expo." Cultural and Educational Information (14) : 53-55.
  • He Z. (2012). "A Study on Young Hero Model in Fantasy Films." Film Literature (19) : 21-22.
  • He Z., Gao L (2012). "The Hakka Culture and Hakka Dishes Translation." Journal of Hubei Radio and Television University 32 (5) : 105-106.
  • He Z., Cheng H (2012). "A Study on English Learning Happiness" Journal of Mudanjiang Education Institute (4) : 110-111.


  • Subtitling software, School of Modern Languages, Newcastle University, 03/2015 
  • English-Chinese Interpretation, Intensive English Reading, Jiaying University, (08/2009-01/2014)
  • College English, Pingdingshan College (02/2003-02/2004)