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Find out here about meetings and activities in SML Induction Week.

From Freshers' Fair 2016. Includes the Spanish word Zapatista. Word is less prominent.

On your first day we'd like to invite you to the welcome event for the subject area you are going to study with us. You will get the chance to meet some of your lecturers and get your registration under way. Later in the week there will be meetings with other people who can help you get your university life off to the best start possible.

The University's pre-arrival website contains registration and induction information for all new students. Below, you'll find the Induction Week schedules for your chosen programme at the School of Modern Languages. 

Due to COVID-19 impact, the format of the 2020 Induction has changed to be all online. Please check your emails for all Zoom meeting details. 
2020 Undergraduate and Postgraduate Induction Timetables are now available. Click on the expandable link below to access.