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 The Institute for Social Science are working across all university faculties to support the work of our researchers through showcasing strength, developing networks and nurturing future collaboration.

The Institute launched its gender focus with a showcase and networking event, Gender Agenda@Newcastle, on January 21st 2020 in collaboration with Professor Peter Hopkins, Dean of Social Justice.  You can read more about the talks and speakers below. These demonstrate the diversity and excellence in gender research at Newcastle University.


Gender Agenda @Newcastle

Gender In and Beyond Covid-19

Over the summer (9th and 10th June 2020) the Institute hosted two events on gender in and beyond Covid-19. These events focussed on the gendered dimension of the pandemic, both in terms of the impact on society and the impact on the research community. 

The following researchers spoke at these summer sessions, you can view their talks via the links below.

We see the Institute as having an important role in influencing research culture at Newcastle University: we will be supporting the way in which the University supports academics whose careers will be impacted by the intersectionality of the pandemic and gender? What is the impact on our female PGRs? How will those with caring responsibilities (which typically fall to females) be supported by the Institution? Will there be a gender gap in the submission of journal articles? What about the next REF?

There are some excellent resources on the impact of the pandemic on women, families and caring responsibilities as well as the impact on women in the academy.

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We would like to hear from colleagues about their work on gender and how we can support the community of researchers in this area. Please contact Liz Todd or Alex Robson

If you are a PGR we would love to hear from you. You can also contact Lottie Rhodes if you are interested in joining the PGR Gender Network.

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