Institute for Social Renewal



Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal (NISR) is governed as follows.

The Director, Professor Mark Shucksmith, is responsible for the leadership and strategic direction of the Institute. He works closely with staff across the University and the wider scholarly community to lead its intellectual development and engage and enthuse colleagues. He is formally responsible to the HaSS Faculty Pro Vice-Chancellor and so to the University Executive Board.

The NISR Strategy is formulated by the Director, with guidance and advice from the NISR Management Board, the Faculty Executive Board and NISR's External Advisory Board. Operational matters are also for the Director, who in practice involves the NISR Management Board in an inclusive style of governance. The Director is also a member of the Faculty Steering Group and Faculty Executive Board.

Our Management Board works closely with the Director and Administrator on the operation of the Institute, and advises on the strategy of the Institute, to help create a shared collective view. This is not only essential to engaging, enthusing and influencing colleagues across the University, but helpful in drawing on Board members’ breadth of knowledge and experience. This inclusive style embodies our values and principles, and promotes awareness and understanding of social renewal.



Members of the NISR Management Board. From left to right, Prof Pete Wright, Prof Liz Todd, Jenny Hasenfuss, Dr Suzanne Moffatt, Professor Mark Shucksmith, Dr Vee Pollock, Prof Kathryn Hollingsworth, Prof Matthew Grenby, Fiona Simmons and Dr Fiona Whitehurst