Institute for Social Renewal



Social Renewal in the community and beyond.

School pupils take part in Murderous Maths event organised by Newcastle University

In line with the University's civic mission, we seek to maximise the impact of the University's work through our research, teaching and engagement activity in order to deliver tangible benefits to society.

We work with a variety of groups: from voluntary groups to policy makers.

Our engagement with people and institutions beyond academia allows us to be better informed about societal needs, which in turn can help us to play a role in civic society.

The three main ways we focus our engagement:

Acting as thought leaders in social renewal

  • At the moment many people are struggling to make sense of the rapid change that is happening to their families, their communities and the societies in which they live. Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal can help to shed light on key issues and respond to questions and concerns raised by society.

Co-production of research and knowledge to improve the practices and effectiveness of social renewal initiatives

  • Our intention is to explore new ways in which a research intensive university – its staff and students – can connect with civil society in order to engender such co-production. This may take the form of students volunteering in the community and students researching relevant societal topics within their taught studies; to our academics working in collaboration with others to address key questions.

Production and dissemination of high quality research that informs policy making at all levels, governmental and non-governmental

  • Such research, we believe, is best conducted in many cases on a multi-disciplinary basis, which the academics involved in our Institute help to make possible. Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal shares its research in order that many of us in society are able to make use of the University’s specific knowledge and expertise to enrich decision making.