Institute for Social Renewal

Who We Work With

Who We Work With

As one of the University’s societal challenge themes, we undertake research with a purpose. We work with a range of stakeholders and partners in order to tackle key issues.

Academics at Newcastle University have experience of

  • submitting research findings to government departments (e.g. Mark Shucksmith) or other official bodies (e.g. contributions to the Adonis Review for the North East Local Enterprise Partnership L.E.P.)
  • working with members of the public (for example the work of Mallo and Tardiveau on community green spaces)
  • working with communities of interest (for example the work of McLaughlin, Clavering, Haimes and Wright work on ‘Kinship and Genetic Journeys’)
  • involving stakeholders in research (for example the work of Wilson with public sector agencies and their software integration approaches for management of user/client/patient data)

To find out more about the people we work with, please visit our networks section.