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Annual Lectures

The Social Renewal Annual Lectures

The Lord Patten annual lectures on Social Renewal deal with pertinent issues that relate to our theme, and that drive public discourse.

The first annual lecture was delivered by Lord Patten himself, in 2012. The subject was 'Britain, Europe and the new Global Balance'. Lord Patten is a former chair of the BBC Trust as well as former Chancellor of Newcastle University.

The Annual Lectures on Social Renewal in his name deal with issues of societal importance, and you can hear or read the lectures again below:

2015, Paul Mason - Postcapitalism: A Guide to Our Future

2014, John Brewer - Society as a Vocation: Renewing Social Science for Social Renewal

2013, Michael Sandel - The Moral Limits of Markets

2012, Matthew Taylor - Launch of NISR


Image of Lord Chris Patten, in whose name the Social Renewal Annual Lectures are in honour.
Chris Patten