Institute for Social Renewal

Annual lecture 2015

Paul Mason, 2015 annual lecture

For the 2015 annual lecture on Social Renewal, Newcastle University welcomed Paul Mason, speaking on the subject of his new book 'Postcapitalism'.

This sold-out public lecture dealt with the important subject of how to build a sustainable economy. Channel 4's Economics editor Paul Mason explored the concept of Postcapitalism, the subject of his recently published book, to a massive audience of students, academics and members of the public.

He began by stating that "there can be no greater social renewal than the one I am about to propose and Newcastle - one of the oldest industrial centres in the world - is a good place to be proposing it." His exploration of the capitalism life cycle and how information technologies are changing out economies was timely and stimulating.

The full text of his lecture notes are available online.

Listen to a recording of his lecture via Newcastle University's Recap service.




Paul Mason giving 2015 lecture on social renewal
Image credit: Zander Photography