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Policy brief launch: What next for our ‘wild’ uplands?

Professor Mark Reed launches his policy brief on the management of the UK's peatlands

On 14 July 2016, the Prime Minister Theresa May announced her new Cabinet, following a significant reshuffle and re-structure of Government.

In this context, researchers from all over Newcastle University express their thoughts on the challenges and opportunities for the Government in the Ideas for May’s Ministers blog series, considering how individuals, communities and societies can thrive in times of rapid, transformational change.

Professor Mark Reed launched his policy brief: To manage or not to manage: What next for our ‘wild’ uplands? on Thursday 22nd September and urges Andrea Leadsom to: 

  1. Pay for restoration and active management for conservation. This could provide benefits for wildlife, water quality, reduced flooding and climate. 
  2. Take a Precautionary Approach, to retain farm incomes but provide a renewed focus on the delivery of wider public benefits.

Professor Mark Reed is the N8 Professor of Socio-Technical Innovation at Newcastle University, funded through the Agri-Food Resilience Programme, and a Professor in the Institute for Agri-Food Research & Innovation and Centre for Rural Economy at Newcastle University. Download his policy brief on this subject.

published on: 27 September 2016