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Newcastle University is a world-class, research-intensive, civic university that performs high quality research across a wide range of disciplines. It is a member of the elite Russell Group of UK universities, ranked 17th out of 122 in the UK in The Sunday Times 2013 University Guide, and has an international reputation. Newcastle University is also among the top 20 universities in the UK in terms of its research power (Research Fortnight).

The University has a particular commitment to inter-disciplinarity, working across Medicine, Science and Engineering, the Humanities, and Social Science. It actively promotes this work through a series of inter-disciplinary research institutes and networks. In the Institute for Social Renewal, this inter-disciplinarity is integral to our funding opportunities as well as in the research themes and strategic initiatives that we are involved with.

The University attracts funding from research councils, foundations and government, and has one of the largest EU research portfolios in the UK. It has research links with many other countries, as well as with the city and region, and has a proven track record of addressing the most pressing societal challenges through socially relevant research, in accordance with its mission as a civic university to pursue excellence with a purpose.

Researchers across the university explore issues of global significance to the theme of Social Renewal, particularly with respect to the need for lifelong education for all, human rights and social justice, and the reduction of inequality on a global scale. In Newcastle University’s research centres and groups, important work is achieved in all these areas to make our world a fairer place, where all people can thrive.