Institute for Social Renewal



Find out about the Institute's plans for the next two years.

Across Newcastle University, colleagues are working to realise the vision of excellence with a purpose, relevant to the intractable challenges facing humanity in the 21st Century.

Newcastle Institute for Social Renewal is pursuing three particular priorites for the next two years, the plans for which can be found in the NISR Priorities 2017-18: Thriving in Turbulent Times document.

You can also read our 2017 Annual Review here: Annual Review 2017 (1.7MB)

Read our four previous Annual Reviews, which celebrate the remarkable breadth of activity across the University in the field of Social Renewal. Hard copies of the Annual Reviews are available from the Newcastle University Institute for Social Renewal office.



First page of NISR Priorities Document, reading "Thriving in Turbulent Times", Priorities 2017-18.