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TED Prize 2013

TED Prize 2013

In 2013, TED awarded the prize to Professor Sugata Mitra to help fulfil his wish. He wanted to help design the future of learning.

He wanted to aid children worldwide by tapping into their sense of wonder and teamwork.

Sugata asked the TED community to make his dream a reality. He asked for help in reinventing the way children learn. 

School in the Cloud and SOLEs

In this, he looked to achieve two things:

  1. He wanted to build The School in the Cloud. These are learning labs across India and the UK. They are where children can enjoy intellectual adventures online.
  2. He wanted to encourage schools, teachers and parents to create their own local SOLEs. They could do this by joining the experiment on our online platform.

Thousands of people from Colombia to South Africa have experimented with his learning method. They are also sharing their discoveries to help advance his research.

Professor Sugata Mitra discusses his research.

TED/Sundance Film

Documentary filmmaker Jerry Rothwell won the first Sundance Institute/TED Prize Filmmaker Award in 2015. 

He helped bring the School in the Cloud story to life on film. Rothwell has followed Sugata on his journey.

As the School in the Cloud takes shape, Rothwell documented it and the thoughts of people it touched.

The film, Like Whirlwinds, explores Sugata’s work from the bottom up. It focuses on the stories behind the lives it is changing in India and North East England.

The film includes perspectives from:

  • Indian children who speak no English and have little or no access to education
  • retired schoolteachers in the UK who are part of the Granny Cloud
  • students in North East England

Together, they represent the many voices that are part of this visionary educational experiment

Jerry’s film asks this big question: Is our current model for educating children an obsolete remnant of a bygone era?

Like Whirlwinds premiered at TED 2015 in Vancouver.

The trailer for the documentary.