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Learning Agreement

Learning Agreement

One of the first activities you will be asked to undertake following registration (one month after) and induction onto your research degree is the completion of a Learning Agreement in consultation with your supervisor. By completing this document you are providing confirmation that you have received, understood and accepted the expectations of your research programme.


The Learning Agreement is usually discussed during your first meeting with your supervisor.

  • Students who are registered on PhD, MD or MPhil programmes must complete the Learning Agreement on ePortfolio within one month of registering on their programme;
  • Students who are registered on Integrated PhD or professional doctorate degree programmes, (such as the DAppEdPsy or EdD), must complete the Learning Agreement on PGR CoP System within one month of transferring to the research stage of their programme.
  • Students who are registered on a Research Master programme should contact their academic unit for guidance on when the learning agreement should be completed on PGR CoP System.


The Learning Agreement asks you and your supervisors to discuss the following:

  • Supervisory and Working Arrangements;
  • Project Planning and Milestone Setting;
  • Intellectual Property;
  • Training and Personal Development;
  • Progression and Monitoring;
  • Submission and Completion;
  • Collaborating and Sponsoring Organisations.

Confidentiality Agreement

Confidentiality Agreement (PDF 159)

Depending on the nature of the research to be undertaken, it may also be necessary for you to sign a Confidentiality Agreement and upload this on to PGR CoP System when completing their 

Form Completion

The Learning Agreement must be completed in the PGR CoP System in accordance with the timeline specified above.

Example of the Learning Agreement (text version only)

You and your supervisor should review and discuss the Learning Agreement during one of your first meetings.  By completing the Learning Agreement you and your supervisor (on behalf of the University) are confirming that you have received, understood and accepted the expectations of their research programme.

Following completion of the Learning Agreement your official University record will be updated by your Graduate School to show this has been done.