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Covid-19 Impact Funding Scheme

Newcastle University COVID-19 Impact Funding Scheme

(Supported by the Development Trust).

This scheme (previously the Covid-19 Impact Scholarship Scheme) was reviewed in January 2023

This scheme is delivered by the Doctoral College.

Purpose and Process

The purpose of this funding scheme is to provide eligible Doctoral and MPhil students with stipend support at the UKRI rate of payment beyond the end of minimum candidature (during the Pending Submission year) where a student has no other source of stipend funding.  This includes self-funded students and students whose original funding body is not providing further funding.   

The funding scheme will normally provide stipend support for up to 12 weeks.  However, applications for longer periods of stipend support of up to 26 weeks will be considered in cases where a student has made limited progress towards their degree, as a consequence of Covid-19, for longer than 12 weeks.  

The scheme is open to all eligible Home and International Doctoral and MPhil research students.