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Your Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities

If you currently hold a Tier 4 or Student Route visa, you need to be aware that there are conditions attached to the visa.

These conditions are normally outlined within the email or letter you receive from the Home Office when your visa was granted. Some of the conditions will also be stated on your visa.

You must comply with the conditions and requirements of your Tier 4 or Student Route visa during your time in the UK.

This means that you must: 

  • register on your chosen programme within the timescale allowed
  • attend your programme fully (repeated or significant absences may result in your visa being curtailed) 
  • let your school know about any circumstances which require you to be absent from your programme
  • not breach the working conditions of your visa 

We are required to report any significant changes in your studies to the Home Office, such as a change in your programme or course length. Changes to your programme may affect your Tier 4 or Student Route visa and could require you to leave the UK to apply for a new Student Route visa.

See Change of circumstances for advice about changes to your studies and how these may affect your visa.