Brand Ambassador


Temi Ibirogaba, 3rd year Politics

Why I got involved

After completing two Newcastle Work Experience projects, I was keen to gain more work experience.  I researched the Brand Ambassador role and felt that it would be a great opportunity for me to gain more communications focused experience.

Main roles and activities

My main role is to promote the Careers Service to undergraduate students. Working as part of a team, I have been involved in delivering presentations during lectures; distributing advertising materials around campus; talking to students about the services offered by the Careers Service; and organising and running promotional events.

Most enjoyable aspect

Having the opportunity to work with the rest of the Brand Ambassador team.  Getting to know a new group of students and working with them has been really nice.  We also got the chance to work with advertising industry professionals while working on the new Careers Service branding which was great experience and I learnt a lot.  Knowing that the Careers Service really wanted and valued our opinion really encouraged me to get involved in the tasks.  Also, the flexibility of the role and the ability to pick assignments that work around your University schedule.

How I've benefited

Being able to gain work experience alongside my studies.  Sitting around a table with the other Brand Ambassadors discussing ideas for events and marketing activities has really developed my communication and team work skills.

The challenges

Making sure I plan my time effectively, so that I can do this role while still giving priority to my University work.  Finding ways to attract students to Careers Service events.  Planning events and encouraging students to attend is challenging – but it is very rewarding when the event is a success!

Scheduling for sure, and finding the way that is interesting to attract the students to our events. But it’s also a very rewarding job if our event is succeed.

Advice for other applicants

It may help if you have had some previous experience in a business, marketing or communications role.  This would definitely make it easier when you are working on some of the tasks for the first time.  At the interview – don’t be nervous or embarrassed, just go for it!


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