How can I get involved?

Any current Newcastle University student can enter or be nominated for the Celebrating Success Awards either as an individual or as a member of a group or student society. Visit the Celebrating Success Awards website for details.

In a change for 2017, there is no longer an entry form for the Pride of Newcastle University Awards.  Instead, all nominees will come through the Celebrating Success Awards as winners into the relevant outstanding category.

If you aren’t sure how your activity might fit into the Celebrating Success Awards, please contact us. To enter or nominate, go to the Awards website.


Judging Criteria

To be shortlisted for a Pride of Newcastle University award:

  • You will have won a category at a Celebrating Success Award as an individual, part of a group, or a society at any Newcastle University campus, including our campuses in Malaysia and Singapore (special arrangements will be made for students in Singapore and Malaysia to celebrate their success locally).
  • Your contribution to the University or our wider community should be demonstrated.
  • Your activities must have taken place during the last 12 months.
  • You must not have received academic credit for any part of this achievement which is instead via ncl+ opportunities, including those relating to work you have done on behalf of a business, whether employed, working as a volunteer, on placement, or setting up or running your own business.
  • Students involved in the judging panel or organising the awards cannot be nominated for an individual award but can be part of a wider team that is nominated.
  • The decision of the judging panel is final and no feedback will be given on individual nominees.
  • Winning students, societies or projects cannot enter the same category of the following year.

In assessing nominations, judges will be looking for evidence of outstanding:

  • innovation
  • effort
  • contribution
  • skill development
  • impact


In each of the 11 categories, the winning entry will receive £250 and the runner up will receive £50.

In addition, all Undergraduate winners will receive recognition of the award on their degree transcript.

For any society winners, prizes will go to the winning societies, not to the individual who completed the form.