Regulations, Policies and Procedures

In accepting an offer of a place at the University, commencing or registering for a programme of study, all students must accept the rules and regulations of the University and agree to pay appropriate fees. 

The following pages provide links to the main rules, regulations, procedures and policies that students should familiarise themselves with at registration and throughout their studies.

University Regulations and related documents

There are a number of University-level documents which students are required to read and accept as part of the registration process.  These include the Student Charter, the Regulations, and the University’s Terms and Conditions.  For a full list please consult the University Regulations website.

Student Progress Procedures

The Student Progress Service is responsible for a range of procedures that cover specific circumstances some students may face during their studies.  These include academic appeals, assessment irregularities, student complaints or disciplinary cases.  A full list can be found on the Student Progress Procedures website.

Student Policies

The main University policies that students may need to refer to during their studies, including those relating to attendance, assessment and examination, can be found on the Student Policies website.

Regulations, Policies & Procedures Archive

The Student Progress Service maintains an archive of regulations and certain policies and procedures from previous years.  A list of the documents that are available can be found on the Regulations, Policies & Procedures Archive website.