Noise Nuisance and Anti-social Behaviour

The majority of students living locally are very considerate towards their neighbours but the University does sometimes receive complaints from local residents and Police reports of witnessed noise and anti-social behaviour.

Examples of complaints received:

  • Regular very loud music being played at all times of day causing annoyance and disturbing a sleeping baby;
  • Disturbances from various student houses – banging doors, loud music, getting picked up and dropped off by taxis, shouting, screaming;
  • Rubbish bags discarded in student garden – bags split and attracting vermin;
  • Bottles thrown towards resident's property by guests of party following a complaint about noise;
  • Students kicking a football around in street hitting it off cars and neighbours windows.

University Response

The Student Progress Service will consider the details of every matter reported of witnessed / unwitnessed noise and / or anti-social behaviour.  When a disturbance to others has occurred the University will follow the Noise Nuisance Protocol which is in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedure (Section D - Level 2 Central Procedure).

Sanctions that can be imposed by the University include cautions, written warnings and disciplinary fines of between £30 and £300. 

Repeat offenders will receive more severe sanctions to reflect an escalation of misconduct and any student who has been abusive, aggressive, threatening, intimidating, etc. towards a member of the public can expect to be referred to a Student Disciplinary Committee for the full sanctions of the University to be considered including expulsion.

Further information