Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure



  • For appeals against the decisions of the Boards of Examiners (excepting those relating to assessment irregularities), Personal Extenuating Circumstance (PEC) Committees, and sanctions imposed under Unsatisfactory Progress procedures.


There are only four possible grounds for appeal.

  • You were adversely affected by illness or other relevant factors, of which you were previously unaware, or which for a good cause you were unable to disclose to the examiners in advance.
  • Procedural irregularity on the part of the examiners.
  • Bias or prejudice on the part of an examiner or examiners.
  • That the decision reached was perverse in that it was one which no reasonable person could have reached on the available evidence.

Note: an appeal relates to the decision of the examiners and should not be used to raise general complaints about tuition or support over the length of the programme.



  • Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure flowchart

The University provides a clear three-stage procedure for students making Academic Queries and Appeals requesting reconsideration of Board of Examiners/ Personal Extenuating Circumstances (PEC) and/or Degree Programme Director (DPD) / Progress Decisions.

Level 1 - Is the informal stage for querying academic decisions. Appellants are expected to make every effort to raise their assessment/progress query, in writing, with the School/Faculty directly concerned in the first instance.

Level 2 - Only when the steps taken under Level 1 of the procedure have failed, or when the Appellant considers that their query has not been resolved, may Level 2 of the Academic Queries & Appeals Procedure be invoked by submissions of the Academic Appeal Form (Appendix A) together with full details of the formal appeal and any supporting evidence.

Level 3 -  Is the formal review of the Level 2 outcome, where the Appellant requests a review of the outcome of their academic appeal at the Level 2 stage.


  • Appellants have 14 calendar days to raise a Level 1 academic query with the School/Faculty nominated contact, following the examiner's decision.
  • Completed appeal forms (with accompanying statements and evidence) should be submitted to the Student Progress Service within 21 calendar days of the date of the Level 1 outcome.
  • The appellant will be kept informed of the progress of the appeal in writing by the appeal officer.


Impartial advice on the academic appeal procedure may be sought from Student Progress Service.  Assistance with submitting an academic appeal may be sought from the appropriate Officers of the Students’ Union, from the Student Advice Centre (Students’ Union) or from a Personal Tutor.

Additional information for students has also been included at the end of the procedure.