Assessment Irregularities Procedure



  • This procedure promotes good academic conduct.
  • It is the means by which the University investigates alleged assessment irregularities and applies sanctions.
  • Additional information for students has also been included at the end of the procedure.


The procedure will apply to any student who is alleged to have breached the University’s code of conduct, including by one of the following:

  • copying from or conferring with other candidates or using unauthorised material or equipment in an examination room
  • impersonating or allowing another to impersonate a candidate
  • introducing examination scripts into the examination process otherwise than in the course of an examination
  • permitting another student to copy work
  • the falsification of research results
  • procurement of assessment material
  • plagiarism. This is defined as the unacknowledged use of another person's ideas, words or work either verbatim or in substance without specific acknowledgement.


Excepting where there is a reported assessment irregularity within the examination room, reports of infringement of the University’s code of conduct should be submitted, in the first instance to the relevant chair of the Board of Examiners.

If you are accused of an offence you will normally be interviewed - you can be accompanied to the interview. You will normally be asked to make a written statement. It is only after this that decisions are taken.


  • Guidance on referencing and academic writing styles relevant to a specific subject area should be sought, in the first instance, from the Student’s Personal Tutor/Senior Tutor.
  • In addition, Advice on referencing and good academic writing practices can also be found on the Academic Skills Kit (ASK) webpages here:
  • Assistance for students who are the subject of the Assessment Irregularity procedure may be sought from the appropriate Officers of the Students’ Union, the Student Advice Centre or from a Personal Tutor.
  • Impartial advice on the assessment irregularity procedures may be sought from Student Progress Service (