Exemplar Fines and Charges

These fines and charges apply to any disciplinary cases, where fines are levied, from September 2018, including University Residence.

The University expects all students to act responsibly, showing due consideration to other students, staff, visitors and members of the public.  Acts of misconduct are investigated in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedure.

All disciplinary cases are considered on their merits, but where students are found guilty of misconduct, fines and other charges may be imposed.

Where fines and charges are levied, the following is an indication of the normal rate of that which authorised members of staff may apply.  This is exemplar only.  Fines and charges may vary, depending on specific circumstances for each case. 

Where there is a repeat offence, authorised staff will consider a more severe sanction, in accordance with the Student Disciplinary Procedures.

Money raised from fines will normally be used for the education of students and the promotion of activities to combat anti-social behaviour.

Possession of Illegal Substances and/or Legal Highs/Banned Substances



Failure to follow fire alarm and drill procedure



Smoking in University residences



Misuse of fire systems and equipment provided for the purpose of detection, prevention, safety or firefighting


£50 - £100

Action leading to Fire Brigade attendance (with no charge levied by the Fire Brigade) or building evacuation  



Action leading to Fire Brigade attendance (with a charge levied by the Fire Brigade)



Vandalism/abuse of facilities or damage to University property


£50 + costs*

Responsibility for significant disturbance to members of then public or damage to public property


£30 - £300

Responsibility for significant misuse of or damage to public or private transport services


£50 - £150

Failure to abate noise during an exam (i.e. noise from mobile phone)



Anti-social behaviour, noise disturbance or dangerous behaviour in University residences, at any time


£30 - £300

Noise nuisance and/or anti-social behaviour in the community at any time


£30 - £300

* All direct recharge costs will be used to cover repairs/replacements.


N.B. All other offences shall be dealt with on a discretionary basis. Fines may also be imposed for offences other than those listed above.