Guidance and information if Senate declares an emergency situation which may affect examinations and assessment.

There is no Emergency at this time. This page is for information only.

The Senate of the University may declare an emergency situation when an event or set of circumstance occurs that is beyond the reasonable control of the University and has an adverse effect on the University’s ability to conduct assessment in accordance with usual practices and policy. The full definition of an emergency situation is set out in University Regulations - General Regulations W.

The Senate of the University has previously approved guidelines for Heads of School and others to use in the event of an emergency being declared which may affect examinations and assessment.

In the event of an emergency, the University will communicate with students and staff as soon as possible and will provide specific advice relevant to the circumstances. In most cases however, all staff and students should assume that the University will endeavour to manage all assessments in accordance with normal practice. Adjustments will only be made when absolutely essential and these will be communicated specifically to the relevant students.

In the event of an emergency, up to date news on changes to assessment arrangements will be posted on this website. An FAQ page will also be made available as soon as possible. Students should check the website regularly for news and must check 2 days before each exam. Students should also check their University emails.