A reminder to be vigilant about scam emails and telephone calls

Some scam emails or phone calls are very obvious, but an increasing number are sophisticated and can appear to be genuine.  The nature of fraudulent emails and phone calls changes regularly but some common ones to look out for are:  

·         emails which appear to be from Student Finance concerning student loan instalment dates

·         emails telling you that you are due to receive a tax rebate from HMRC

Today there have been a number of articles in the media about emails targeting students across UK universities, appearing to offer a tax refund.  These emails may seem to be genuine because they seem to be from a university ‘.ac.uk’ address. The HMRC have confirmed that they will never notify anyone of a tax rebate by email. If you receive such an email, please delete it.

More information about fraud and how to protect your details can be found on the Student Health and Wellbeing Service website, and more information is available through organisations such as Action Fraud.

You should always protect your details and never provide personal details such as passwords, financial details or payments in response to an unsolicited email or telephone call.  If you have any doubts about the authenticity of the person contacting you please report this to the University or the Police.

published on: 19th November 2018