Four Funded PGR Innovation

The University wishes to congratulate the four student teams that have been awarded PGR Innovation Fund 2015 funding to develop projects that will enhance the postgraduate research student experience.

Congratulations to the successful teams and thank you to all proposers!

From PhD to Publication Proposers: Bethany Rex, Jennifer Locke, Alexia Mellor

This project is aimed at PGR students whose research topics address the broad area of heritage, museum and gallery studies, cultural policy, socially engaged creative arts practice and cognate disciplines. The team will organise two one-day workshops that will support PGR students in preparing their own work for submission to journals and publishers and work to build familiarity with review and referee processes.  

Student-Path: Beyond Postgraduate Proposers: Kazuki Hata, Qi Chen, Michael Gretz, Laura Pollard

This project aims to boost PGR students’ academic prospects by facilitating their research activities and contributions ‘beyond’ their degree programmes, linking current students with the real research environment. The team will organise a student-led one-day event for PGR students working in linguistics and language sciences, to include invited talks on publication processes and opportunities for students to share their practical experiences with research.  

Open Lab Book Proposers: Anna-Lena Dittrich, Irene del Molino del Barrio, Beatriz Martinez-Burgo, Shameem Ladak, Rachel Etherington, Erin Casey, Thomas McDaniel, Alistair Poll, Kate Fraser, Sam Logan

This project brings together student teams from Biology and the Institute of Cellular Medicine to develop a series of resources for PGR students working in the biological sciences. The team will develop a website that includes written and video material on common lab techniques and organise a series of talks given by PGR students for PGR students, introducing common techniques and allowing for troubleshooting discussions.  

BridgeS: Connecting PGRsProposers: Priscilla Carrillo-Barragan, Eric Siqueiros-Valencia, Agnese Balzani, Fanny Pandolfi, Sarah Warner and Eleni Chatzidimitriou

This project aims to develop a website where PGR students can share, offer, and exchange goods and materials (e.g. lab supplies) as well as skills and knowledge. The website will empower PGR students and facilitate face-to-face networking and cooperation and embrace the Societal Challenge theme of Sustainability by minimising waste and encouraging the sharing of surplus products.

 For more information, please visit the Learning and Teaching Development Service website.

Please direct queries to Sue Gill ( / 87547)

published on: 12th August 2015