Mumps Advice

  • Mumps is circulating in students in parts of England including Newcastle, particularly among 15-25 year olds. 
  • Mumps is an acute viral illness transmitted by direct contact with saliva or droplets from the saliva of an infected person. Mumps begin with a headache and fever for a day or two before the start of swelling of the parotid glands which may be unilateral (one side) or bilateral (both sides). 
  • If you think that you have mumps, contact your GP surgery or NHS 111 for advice. We would advise students with suspected mumps NOT to attend lectures or mix with other students until 5 days after the onset of swelling to help prevent spreading mumps to others whom may not be protected.  
  • The best protection against mumps is to ensure you have had two doses of the Measles Mumps and Rubella (MMR) vaccination. If you are unsure about your vaccine status, you can speak to your GP surgery who will be able to check your records and arrange for the vaccine if needed. There are no risks to your health if you get an extra dose.

published on: 26th November 2019