photograph NU DIG Wellbeing Survey is now Open

This short survey is open to all Newcastle University staff and students - it takes ~3 mins to complete and all answers are anonymous.

NU DIG wants to capture current experiences in the context of chronic health, mental health, disability and wellbeing. Specifically to identify barriers to sharing information about a disability, chonic health or mental health condition with the University; providing or receiving reasonable adjustments; and experiences of ableism/disability discrimination in the organisation. 

The results of this survey will be used by the NU DIG committee to:

  • identify gaps and strengths in existing University practices, 
  • inform policy and processes to develop an inclusive working and learning environment 
  • provide our network with evidence to lobby for change in the University

Please circulate amongst colleagues and students. If you have any enquiries or comments about the survey please contact the committee"> 


NU DIG Committee

published on: 9th December 2019