Royal Society of Medicine prestigious student prizes, including Elective bursaries

The Royal Society of Medicine is seeking submissions for its student prizes, including Elective bursaries. Please see below for the different categories:

RSM Cardiothoracic Section - case presentation 

Submission deadline: Wednesday 27 September 2017

Meeting date:  Friday 10 November 2017

Prize: For oral presentation: One year’s membership of the RSM and a bottle of champagne

For poster presentation: One year’s membership of the RSM and a bottle of wine

Open to: All pre-clinical, clinical cardiothoracic students and trainees.

Abstracts must be of no more than 250 words including any figures, diagrams and scans. Shortlisted candidates will be invited to present at the Cardiothoracic Section meeting on Friday 10 November 2017.

Please note that we will ask all shortlisted candidates to include a short video (no longer than 5 minutes) in their presentation.  For further information, contact:

Clinical Forensic & Legal Medicine Section - undergraduate poster competition

Submission deadline: Saturday 23 September 2017

Meeting date: Saturday 21 October 2017

Prize: £250

Candidates should submit posters which are then shortlisted for display at the meeting. Posters should be submitted a month in advance of the meeting and the winner will be announced at the meeting.  The award is open to anyone who is in the process of undertaking or has completed an undergraduate course in a clinical forensic or legal field related to forensic medicine.

Poster designs should be submitted electronically for consideration, under 2MB in Power Point or PDF format. Posters accepted should be printed on A1 size for presentation on the meeting date. Please ensure your entry is anonymous - i.e. your name and the name of the institution are not mentioned or included in the poster.

Email applications to:

Emergency Medicine Section - students' prize

Submission deadline: Sunday 10 December 2017

Prize: Two prizes of £500 and a year's free RSM membership

Open to: Medical students

This prize is to contribute towards the cost of an elective abroad, with the intention of gaining experience in the practice of emergency medicine. Applications should provide details of the proposed elective abroad in no more than 1000 words. After returning from the elective, the winner will be invited to give a presentation at one of the Section's meetings.

Marking guide

•Personal interest in emergency medicine (0-5 marks)

•Elective’s relevance to emergency medicine (0-5 marks)

•Originality of elective or project to be undertaken whilst on elective (0-5 marks)

•Potential interest of presentation at section meeting (0-5 marks)

•What the money will be used for (0-5 marks)

For more information, contact:

Clinical Immunology & Allergy Section - Urticaria poster prize

Submission deadline: Monday 18 September 2017

Meeting date: Thursday 9 November 2017

Prize: 1st place: £100, 2nd place: £50

Open to: Medical students and trainees

Medical students and trainees are invited to submit an abstract of no more than 250 words on either a literature review or case study on urticaria.

The abstracts should be clearly structured and should include the title of the poster; the presenting authors name, any other authors and their professional role and affiliation.

Shortlisted applicants’ posters should be printed on A1 size for presentation.

For more information, contact:

Nephrology Section - David Oliveira medical student award

Submission deadline: Sunday 1 October 2017

Meeting date: Thursday 30 November 2017

Prize: £200 awarded to the best 15 minute presentation, with an additional five minutes of discussion at the presentation meeting.

Open to: Any students in nephrology and wider specialties

The section invites medical students to submit clinical abstracts in the area of clinical research, case series or individual case histories. Clinical cases or pedigrees should demonstrate novel clinical findings, illustrate classic conditions in new or unusual ways, and illuminate or expand knowledge concerning physiology, cell biology, genetics, radiology, or molecular mechanisms. Abstracts should be no more than 300 words.

Submissions will be shortlisted for oral presentation at a Section meeting.  awarded to the best 15 minute presentation, with an additional five minutes of discussion at the presentation meeting.

For more information, contact:

History of Medicine Section: Norah Schuster Essay prize

Submission deadline: Monday 18 December 2017

Meeting date: Wednesday 4 April 2018

Prize: £100 voucher and a year's free RSM membership

Open to: Pre-clinical, clinical medical and dental students. Please note that you must be a medical or dental undergraduate.

This prize will be awarded for the best essay or essays submitted on any subject related to the history of medicine, including medical science. Essays should be between 3,000 - 5,000 words and the standard should be comparable to a third year dissertation. A 500-word summary should also be submitted along with the full essay. This should not merely be an abstract: it should outline not only the topic under discussion, the aims and principal conclusions of your research, but also the sources you have consulted. Please do not include your name within the body of the essay or abstract. Preliminary short-listing of the essays will be performed on the basis of these summaries.

For more information, contact:  

Clinical Immunology & Allergy Section - President's prize

Submission deadline: Sunday 7 January 2018

Meeting date: Monday 26 February 2018

Prize: Oral presentation: 1st prize: £300; 2nd prize: two prizes of £100.

Open to: Training grade doctors, young scientists and medical students (not above Specialist Registrar, Grade B Clinical Scientist or equivalent grade) with an immunological or allergy component of their clinical research.

The work to be presented must be original and substantially the candidate's own. Abstracts (not exceeding 250 words) should be submitted with an immunology and allergy element along with a supporting letter from a supervisor. Shortlisted candidates will be asked to give an oral presentation.

For more information, contact:

RSM Anaesthesia Section - Student essay prize

Submission deadline: Sunday 1 April 2018

Meeting date: Friday 1 June 2018

Prize: £500

Open to: All medical students at recognised teaching institutions within UK

The essay may describe original research, audit or a case report and has no set word limit. The paper must avoid headings, acknowledgements, names or institutions or anything that may reveal the author's identity. Applicants must have played an important part in the relevant research and must have personally written the essay for submission. Please note in order to be awarded the prize the successful candidate must be present at the event.    For more information, contact:

Respiratory Medicine Section - Medical Student Elective Bursary

Submission deadline: Monday 2 April 2018

Prize: £500, a certificate and 1 year RSM membership

Open to: Medical undergraduates from the UK intending to go on an elective module related to Respiratory Medicine during the academic year 2017/18

A description or proposal of the elective module must be submitted in less than 500 words along with a current CV. The judging will be based on the planned contribution of the student to the project they wish to undertake on their elective, including; the originality of the work and the feasibility of the project. The project should have relevance to the development and future career of the applicant. The authors of the two best abstracts will be selected to give a short presentation to Council, and then the winner chosen. The overall winner will be invited to deliver a presentation at a Respiratory Section meeting after they have completed their elective.

For more information, contact:

Sexuality & Sexual Health Section - Trainee and Medical Student Essay Prize

Submission deadline: Tuesday 29 May 2018

Meeting date: Tuesday 26 June 2018

Prize: First prize of £250.00 and a one year RSM membership; Second prize of a one year RSM membership

Open to: Medical students and trainee doctors within the field of sexual health and associated specialisms within GU/SRH. RSM and non-members of the RSM may apply.

Topic: How can HCPs help prevent and challenge child sexual abuse?

The Sexuality & Sexual Health Section invites applicants to submit a 2000 word essay based on any research objective of their choice in relation to the following topics set by the Sexuality & Sexual Health Council.

The highest scoring applicant(s) will be invited to present their essays at the Sexuality & Sexual Health meeting.

For more information, contact:

published on: 8th August 2017