Tackling Extremism - how you can help

Counter Terrorism Policing North East has issued an update and some advice for students around groups that are now banned by the government as terrorist organisations:

"National Action and its alias groups; Scottish Dawn and NS131, are now proscribed terrorist organisations banned by Government.

These extreme right wing groups seek to promote racism and white supremacy. They support and glorify the use of extreme violence to achieve their aims.

Anyone involved in proscribed groups, or demonstrating support for their activities, is committing an offence under terrorism legislation.

Organisations like National Action have actively targeted students to encourage support for their cause.

We are working with colleges and universities to protect students from violent extremism in all its forms. If you have concerns about someone you believe is involved in terrorist or extremist activity, or you are approached by groups you suspect are connected, support and guidance is available.

Please speak with a member of staff as soon as possible. Alternatively contact police in confidence on 0800 789 321.
If the threat is immediate call 999.

gov.uk/act #ActionCountersTerrorism."

Thank you for your vigilance, and please do report anything that you believe to be suspicious.

published on: 23rd March 2018