Key PGR Publications and Regulations

There are a number of University documents that postgraduate research students will need to refer to during their studies.    A description of these documents with links to each can be found in the table below.  Essential documents that all PGR students should read at the start of their studies are highlighted:

Student Guide

The Student Guide is issued to all students prior to their arrival.  It contains information that students may find helpful to refer to throughout their studies.


Code of Practice for Research Degree Programmes

The Code of Practice sets out the University’s standards for its research programmes.  All PGR students should familiarise themselves with this document at the start of their degree.


Handbook for Research Students and Research Supervisors

This handbook provides advice and guidance for PGR students and research supervisors and highlights key activities.  The Code of Practice is included in Part Two.  Students are encouraged to read this document thoroughly as it provides a useful first point of reference in the event of any queries during their studies.


University Regulations for Degree Programmes

The Regulations for all University degrees are updated annually.  They provide important information covering all stages of a degree including admission, progression, supervision, submission and examination arrangements.


Student Charter  – Rights and Responsibilities

The Student Charter is a summary of commitments that have been agreed by the University community and signed off by the Vice-Chancellor and the President of the Students’ Union.  Important sections are the 'Statements of Student Academic Rights and Responsibilities' and 'Behavioural Expectations', along with information on relevant key policies and procedures.  All students should familiarise themselves with this document at the start of their studies.


University Handbook for Examiners of Research Degrees by Theses



This document provides staff with guidance on key stages of the examination process including the procedures for nominating, selecting and appointing examiners, and good practice guidelines for the conduct of examinations.


Academic Queries and Appeals Procedure

This procedure provides details of how students can submit an appeal in the event that they are unhappy with the outcome of an annual progression review or their final examination.


Student Complaints and Resolution Procedure

This document sets out the University’s formal complaints procedure which students should refer to in the event that they need to submit a complaint about a School, service or member of staff.


Forms and Policies Index

A list of useful documents, policies and forms, including all those listed above can be found on this website.