Change of Programme

You may begin your studies on a particular research programme but decide that you would prefer to study on an alternative programme (e.g. from an MPhil to a PhD).  In this case you should apply for a ‘Change of Programme’.

Apply for a Change of Programme

You will need to complete an application form in which you should provide details of the progress you have made to date.  You should ask your supervisor to provide a statement to support the change and approval from the Head of School/Institute (or nominee) should also be requested. 

Completed forms should be returned to the Research Student Support Team (RSST) or the Medical Sciences Graduate School (MSGS) who will forward them to Dean of Postgraduate Studies for consideration. 

RSST or MSGS will inform you of the outcome by email and, in the event that the application is approved, will arrange the transfer.

Application forms

Transfer: Doctorate of Business Administration (DBA) to PhD (PDF: 30kb)

Transfer: Integrated PhD (IPhD) to PhD (PDF: 40kb)

Transfer: MPhil to Integrated PhD (IPhD) (PDF: 30kb)

Transfer: MPhil to PhD (PDF: 30kb)

Transfer: PhD to MPhil (PDF: 37kb)