Council Tax

Council Tax is a system of local taxation collected by local authorities. Some property is exempt from Council Tax and some people do not have to pay Council Tax. Most students are entitled to some form of exemption or discount, but this depends on individual circumstances. 

Full-time, fully registered students are eligible for exemption from Council Tax.  Once a student is fully registered, a Council Tax exemption certificate can be produced via the Student Self-service (S3P).  This certificate calculates a student’s start and end dates based on their registration on the University’s student record system.

Exemptions for PGR students

A research student will be exempt from Council Tax during the candidature of their programme of study, provided that they continue to be a full-time, fully registered student.  Candidature is calculated from the date of first registration to the submission deadline date.

PGR students ‘Under Examination’

Once a student has submitted for their programme of study and is classed as ‘Under Examination’, they will no longer be eligible for a Council Tax exemption certificate, as a student is not classed as a full-time, fully registered student while ‘Under Examination’.

If a research student is on an approved interruption of studies, this may affect Council Tax exemption eligibility.  The Local Authority will be able to provide more information to a student on this issue.  You should notify the Local Authority of any changes in your circumstances.

For more detailed information please consult the Student Wellbeing website.