Interruption of Studies

If you have identified a time, either currently or in the future where you will be unable to study you may wish to consider applying for an ‘Interruption of Studies’. 

Examples of circumstances where an interruption of studies may be required include:

  • Needing to take up full employment;
  • Being unable to continue with your studies due to lack of funds;
  • Experiencing ill-health that requires a recovery period of more than 4 weeks;
  • Taking maternity/paternity/shared parental leave of more than 4 weeks.


For your application to be considered the following conditions must be met:

  • The period of interruption requested must be 4 weeks or more;
  • Retrospective interruptions will not normally be approved;
  • You must specify an end date for the interruption period;
  • You must provide full details of the reasons for the interruption together with supporting evidence (such as medical evidence or a letter from your employer) and precise details of how your studies will be affected;
  • Your request must have been approved by your supervisor and your Head of School/Institute (or nominee).

Further information for all students

  • Your registration will be suspended for the duration of the interruption.  You will still have access University IT facilities but library access will be limited;
  • Your supervisors are not required to provide you with academic support during a period of interruption;
  • Your submission deadline will be adjusted to take into account the length of the interruption period granted;
  • 12 months is the normal maximum period of interruption that is granted.

Additional information for international students holding visas

If you are currently in the UK as the holder of a visa (in any category) suspending your studies could have implications for your immigration status (and that of your family if they are also here in the UK with you). You are advised to contact the Visa Team on before you submit your application.

Additional information for students in receipt of studentships or external funding

  • If you are in receipt of a studentship (other than from Newcastle University or a UK Research Council, such as the AHRC or ESRC), it is your responsibility to notify your sponsor of your interruption to your studies.
  • If you are in receipt of a studentship from a UK research council such as the AHRC or ESRC, you must ensure that your interruption complies with the terms and conditions of your studentship. Before submitting your application, please inform the appropriate Research Student Support (RSST) or Medical Sciences Graduate School (MSGS) Administrator of your intentions and they will advise you.
  • If you are a US student in receipt of a Federal Loan, an interruption to your studies may have implications for your loan disbursement. Before submitting your application form, you should inform of your intentions and request advice.

Apply for an Interruption of Studies

Applications can be made through the submission of an online ‘Mitigations’ form available in the PGR element of ePortfolio (available at