Minor Corrections

Minor Corrections or Revisions

If the examiners require you to complete and submit corrections or revisions, you will receive details of these when the Joint Report is sent to you.  Should you have any questions about the corrections that are required, you should direct these to your supervisor(s). At no point during the examination process should you make direct contact with your examiners.

For 1 month minor corrections or 6 months minor revisions:

  • Your changes will be assessed by your internal examiner only. You should resubmit one electronic copy of your revised thesis to RSST or MSGS on or before the correction deadline.  The electronic resubmission must be submitted to RSST or MSGS and not to the examiner or supervisor;
  • The internal examiner will assess your changes against the list of corrections set out in the Joint Report and confirm their recommendation to RSST/MSGS.   All changes must be made to the satisfaction of the examiners before the degree can be awarded.