Prior to Submission

Prior to Submission

Around 3 months before the submission deadline students should complete the ‘Nomination of Examiners’ form in ePortfolio.  This form asks students to provide:

  • The prosed exact title of thesis
  • An abstract
  • A short summary of the area of research (approx. 6 words) that can be used at the Graduation ceremony to describe the area of research to the audience 

Once submitted, the form will go to your supervisors who will identify suitable examiners, in accordance with the requirements of the Code of Practice (see sections 84 – 92).  The form must also be approved by the Head of School (or nominee) and the Dean of Postgraduate Studies.  These approvals will be sought automatically via the ePortfolio system.

Once the Dean’s approval has been obtained, the Research Student Support Team (RSST) or the Medical Sciences Graduate School (MSGS), as appropriate, will contact each examiner, inviting them to examine the thesis and your supervisor(s) will be notified.  You will receive an email from RSST or MSGS reminding you of your latest thesis submission date.

If the Nominations of Examiners form has not been approved by the Dean prior to submission of a students thesis there may be a delay to the examination process.