March Reminder

Dear Student

Noise Nuisance and Anti-Social Behaviour

I have sent previous messages to you this academic year, to bring to your attention the guidance offered by the University to students living in the community. You may be interested to see some of the changes and additions made recently to these pages including new case studies and a link to the BBC’s Inside Out Programme, which shows the confiscation of equipment from one local household.

Unfortunately, since my last message to you before Christmas there has been a slight increase in the number of complaints received by the University due to inconsiderate behaviour causing noise nuisance, some of which have been deemed very serious resulting in severe disciplinary action by the University.  In addition, the Council and Police have issued these students with an Acceptable Behaviour Agreement (ABA) or Section 80 Abatement Notice.  The students are bound by the conditions of these official documents for a 12 month period and any breach may result in a criminal record.

As you know, such complaints not only bring the University’s reputation into disrepute but spoil the good reputation of other students through inconsiderate behaviour.  I would like to remind students that should you be affected by inappropriate or inconsiderate behaviour by another student/s, please report any incidents to Student Progress Service ( and we shall be happy to investigate the matter further.

As we are nearing St Patrick’s Day and Easter Break, occasions which have generated complaints previously to the University, I wish to remind you that the University will not tolerate inconsiderate behaviour.  Please think very carefully about your plans for St Patrick’s Day and Easter Break celebrations.  It would be preferable for students to attend an organised event rather than hold personal parties.  This is to avoid any complaints being made about you or your household.

I do hope that there are no further complaints to the University.  However, please note that any students found guilty of misconduct or behaviour which is deemed to be bringing the University into disrepute following an investigation under the Student Disciplinary Procedures may be fined up to £200 for failure to abate noise following an instruction to do so and receive a severe academic sanction, especially to repeat offenders. 

Alcohol and Illegal Substances

As the majority of disciplinary cases involve alcohol consumption, which we find may result in an ‘out of character’ incident, I wish to take this opportunity to remind you of the dangers of high level alcohol consumption to your health and future career – please see Wellbeing information.

There have also been a number of reports of students, who have been arrested for possession of an illegal substance, which were dealt with by the University as well as the Police.  If you are using illegal drugs, please read the NHS Direct information on drug misuse. Please also be aware that anyone with a drug dependency can seek help from the Student Wellbeing Service.

Taxi Fare Dodging / Insufficient funds to Pay

There have also been a lot of students using taxis without ensuring that they have sufficient funds with them to pay the fare.  In such cases, some students have offered the taxi driver their ID or other items such as mobile phones as security whilst obtaining the money from a cash machine or room.  A few taxi drivers have been amenable to this and others have called the Police for immediate action.  The Police have arrested students, they were taken to the Police Station where they were finger-printed and DNA was taken before spending time in cells.  The outcomes of the cases differ -  caution, warning etc with an instruction to pay the outstanding money but all cases have a common theme: the students have had an awful experience that they do not wish to repeat and this may affect their future employment as it is likely that a CRB check will reveal this on their criminal record.  To avoid this happening to you, please ensure that you have enough money with you for your journey before entering the taxi.  

You may find the advice on personal safety helpful.

Mrs Dawn Gray

Student Progress Officer