Official Verification Documents

We offer a range of verification documents that can be ordered through the Newcastle University WebStore, but, if you graduated after July 2007 you should access some of these documents through S3P - the Student Self Service Portal free of charge. (Documents available via S3P are marked *). Any enquiries relating to S3P (forgotten password/error messages) should be directed to the IT Service Desk.

Documents available:

Certification of Registration*

A letter containing student name and number, programme name and duration and the dates of registration.

Manual Certification of Registration (current registered students only)

This is for Schengen supporting documentation when travelling to: Denmark or Iceland, Italy, Norway, Poland, Spain and Sweden only.

Please ensure you meet the specific embassy requirements for a Schengen visa before requesting and paying for this document.

For all other destinations please refer to S3P.

Introduction Letter for UK Banks

For international students only. A letter confirming student address in the UK and correspsondence address in home country as well as course details to use when opening a UK bank account.


A comprehensive list of modules taken and marks achieved. Please also see Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR) below.

  • Undergraduate Students who graduated after 2007 can produce their transcripts via S3P
  • Graduation post 2003 transcript request via WebStore
  • Graduation pre 2003 transcript request via WebStore

Statement of Qualifications

A letter containing confirmation of qualification obtained and year of graduation.

  • Graduates can request a statement of qualifications via WebStore

Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR)

The HEAR provides a comprehensive and detailed record of both your academic (including a list of modules taken and marks achieved) and extra-curricular achievements. See further information about the HEAR

UG/PGT students (excluding MBBS/UG Dentistry Students) who graduated in July 2018 or after will be automatically issued with an electronic HEAR document via Digitary CORE.  You will receive an email notification when the document has been issued to you including instruction for how to access it.


The electronic HEAR is already fully verified by the University and can be securely shared via Digitary CORE with potential employers or academic institutions. See further information about electronic documents.


Proof of degrees and replacement certificates

If you need evidence or confirmation of a degree or certificate/diploma, we can provide duplicate parchments or certify copies of your parchment. ("Parchment" is the word which the University uses to mean your award certificate.)

Duplicate parchment (certificate)

If your parchment has been lost or destroyed, you can order a duplicate copy. A duplicate parchment looks like an original, but carries the words 'Duplicate Issued' and the date on the reverse. Only one copy of your parchment may be in existence at any one time. Please double-check that you no longer have your original parchment, as when a Duplicate Parchment is issued, your original parchment becomes void. The duplicate parchment will be printed on security paper.

Graduates still in possession of their original parchment should request Certified Copies of their Parchment instead (see below).

Certified copies of your parchment (certificate)

This is a photocopy of your parchment, which the University will authenticate as a true copy of the original document. For security reasons we do not keep electronic or hard copies of parchments on file, so if you wish to order this document you must provide us with a scan or photocopy of your original parchment.

Requests from prospective employers

Our estimated turnaround time can range between 5 - 15 working days after receipt of a signed data release form where applicable.

Verification of study requests

Student Services can verify qualifications and dates of study, please note we may require a signed data release document bearing the signature of the student concerned. Please send requests for verification of study to

Character reference requests

Character reference requests should be directed to individual school/personal tutors - these can't be produced by Student Services.

Council Tax Exemption Certificate*

If you are registered as a full-time student at Newcastle University you will be exempt from paying Council Tax

If you need an exemption certification, you can produce one from S3P.