Confirming your Attendance as part of Registration

Applies to returning UK/EU Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught students

To complete the registration process you MUST scan your smart card at a venue on campus if you are a returning UK/EU taught student.

This is to confirm that you have attended the campus and will trigger the release of your student loan. You should do this after you have completed all of the other steps on S3P and pressed the 'Register' button to submit your details.

Release of your student loan

If you have applied for a student loan, scanning your smart card will send a message to the Student Loan Company that you are in attendance – this will trigger the release of your student loan.  If you scan your card after the first day of term for your programme, you will usually receive the money into your bank account within four working days, however, please note that loans will only be released if you have already been fully assessed by the Student Loan Company and received documentation from them confirming this.

Scanning your smartcard before the start of term will confirm your attendance, however the Student Loan Company will not release loans before the first day of term for your programme.

The smart card scanning process is very quick - it takes only a few seconds.  Present your smart card to the reader and press OK.

Students on placements

If you are due to be away from the University on an industrial or study abroad placement as an official part of your degree programme you do not need to scan your card to confirm attendance. Providing you notified the Student Loan Company that you are going on a placement when you applied for your student finance your student loan will be paid automatically at the start of the academic year and there is no requirement to confirm your attendance.

Scanning station venues

  • King’s Gate Student Services - Level 2 Helpdesk
  • Walton Library (located by the photocopiers)
  • Level 2 Philip Robinson Library Cluster Room   
  • Old Library Building Cluster (OLUA)
  • Medical School Undergraduate Office
  • Dental School Office
  • 1st Floor Frederick Douglas Centre

Please Note: If you are scanning your smartcard in one of our libraries please ensure you use one of the Attendance Confirmation Scanning Stations. Swiping your card at the entrance gates does not confirm your attendance.

If you encounter difficulties

If there is some exceptional reason why you are unable to attend campus to get your smart card scanned please contact Also if your student loan has not appeared in your bank account after five working days please contact