Your Student Details

The University needs to keep certain information about its students. Some of this information is required for statistical purposes and other information is necessary for ensuring your student documents such as transcripts and degree parchments are correct.

This page covers what information is held by us in accordance with the Data Protection Act. As part of the terms and conditions of being a student you must update your details as soon as they change. You should check every academic year that the details we have for your are correct. You can check and update your details at any time by using S3P.

Disability, ethnicity, marital status

The information will be held and used in accordance with the University’s data collection notice.

The options available for these fields on S3P are determined by a government statistical agency called the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

We encourage you to provide us with all of this information, but if you feel uncomfortable providing any of it you are able to refuse the information. There is an 'information refused' option available in S3P

Contact details, personal e-mail, mobile number, home address, term address, next of kin

Please provide us with all of this information in full, including post codes.  It is very important that the University has up to date and accurate contact details for you.  In the event of an emergency it is critical that the University can contact you or your family.

You can use the Student Details screen to keep this information up to date throughout your study – e.g. if you move house during the year, you can notify the University of the change by entering it in S3P.

First name(s), last name , date of birth

As this information has to be correct and match your identification documents you cannot change it online

If this information is not correct you can make an amendment to these fields in S3P, the change is recorded but is not reflected in the system straight away.  Instead, you will be advised (by a notice on the Status screen and by e-mail) that the changes you have requested have been sent to Student Progress Service for taught students or the graduate school for research students.

Do not use your nickname as your First Name and Last Name. These must match your official name, i.e. the name in your passport or other government documents, because this will be the name that appears on pass lists, degree parchments and official University documents and you may not be able to change it later.

It is important that the University is able to confirm who you are. We may need to ask to see your passport or other official documents before we make the changes.

Known as

If you do have a nickname or an English name in addition to your official name, you may use the Known As field.