S3P Registration and Registration Status

All students need to register each year with the University. So each year, the first time that you login you will be asked to agree to the University’s Registration Terms and Conditions.

You are advised to spend some time looking through the various terms and conditions.

You won’t be able to register unless you accept these terms and conditions.

Registration status

This is a very important screen as it tells you if you:

Click on the links for different parts of S3P to confirm or amend your data – or raise queries with your school (or graduate school) or the Finance Office.

The Registration Status screen prompts you about what you need to do. When you have completed tasks the screen is updated and tells you what you may need to do next, if anything.

IMPORTANT: If this is the usual registration time – when all of the boxes have a green tick – then you must click on the Register button. The Register button works only when all of the other boxes have been cleared.

If you are in any doubt about whether you have registered, log back in to the system. When you are fully registered, you will get the following message:

'You have completed the registration process for the current academic year. However you can use this system to keep your address and other details up to date. You can also use the system to generate some documentation that you may need to confirm your student status.'

Once you have completed the online registration process you will need to collect your smartcard and have your ID documents checked. Further information on doing this can be found on the following pages:

All NEW Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students - Confirming your identity and smartcard collection

All RETURNING Home UK/EU Students - Confirming your attendance as part of registration

All RETURNING International Students - Confirming your identity and immigration status