Who are the Visa Team?

King's Gate Building

The Visa Support Team is a dedicated student visa support team based on level 2, King’s Gate at Newcastle University. The Visa Advisers are Tracey Aston, Hena Mookerji, Kay Broadhurst, Sarah Aittis and Daniel McMahon.

The team offers the following services to registered and prospective Newcastle University students from Monday to Friday (excluding bank holidays and University closure days):


  • Visa advice appointment

           To request a visa advice appointment please contact us at

           Please include your name, student number and details of your query in the


           Appointments normally run on Monday and Thursday afternoons and Tuesday and Friday mornings.   

  • Visa drop-in for students studying at INTO Newcastle (INTO drop in dates will be announced in Summer)

           Thursday 12-2pm, Learning Zone, INTO Building

You can also e-mail us with your student visa enquiry or via the webform

We will answer your query as soon as we can, but please allow at least 48 hours for a response, especially during September and October.

Please see the Statement of Service for details of the remit of our services.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) information

Home Office advice

We have received many questions from international students about the situation with regard to visas. We know this is of real concern to students, but we are still awaiting guidance from the UK Visas and Immigration. As soon as we receive this guidance, we will let you know.
In the meantime, I want to reassure Tier 4 students that the University's move to remote teaching and alternative assessment will not impact upon visas for this academic year. Where students continue to engage with our virtual provision, their Tier 4 visas will not be affected.

Travel restrictions
If your visa is about to expire or has expired but you have not been able to leave the UK, please ensure that you keep evidence of the travel ban or flight cancellation. This can be information from the airline or official publication from your home country about the travel ban.

We are currently waiting for further guidance from the Home Office concerning such situations, so please check the following webpage regularly:

Home Office advice (27 February 2020)

The Home Office has published guidance for Chinese nationals whose UK immigration permission is affected by the coronavirus.


The guidance sets out the following provisions for Chinese nationals in the UK, whose visas expire before the end of March 2020:
• If you have been compliant with the conditions of your visa, you will have your leave automatically extended until 31st March 2020. This applies to Chinese nationals who have a visa expiry date between 24th January 2020 and 30th March 2020.
• You do not need to do anything to get this extension; it will automatically be added to UK Visa and Immigration’s systems.
• You will not receive a new biometric residence permit card.
• If you have already applied to extend your visa, you don’t need to do anything.
• If you intend to extend your UK visa before 31st March 2020, you should continue to do so.
• If you require documentary evidence of your visa extension under the above provisions, you should contact the coronavirus immigration helpline on 0800 678 1767 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm) or at

Absence due to coronavirus
Students whose attendance on their programme is affected for more than 3 days by the coronavirus due to illness, personal circumstances, a period of quarantine or inability to travel should follow the University’s absence procedure. Where students are unable to attend for more than 3 working days, they should follow the procedures in the link below:
It is very important that you keep the University updated on your personal circumstances, as unauthorised absences may need to be reported to the Home Office.

Visa Application Centres in China
UK Visa Application Centres (VAC) in China are currently closed. If your documents are currently with a VAC and you need to travel urgently, you should contact the Chinese authorities or consular representatives in China for alternative travel documents.

Full Home Office guidance is available at

The above guidance is subject to review and may be updated as the situation changes.

If you have any questions or concerns about your specific immigration situation, please contact the Visa Support Team at

If you require support from the University’s Student Health & Wellbeing Service, please contact the Service

OISC (Office of Immigration Service Commissioners)
The Visa Advisers at Newcastle University are authorised to provide immigration advice and services as regulated by the Office of Immigration Service Commissioners (OISC). The OISC sets the standards to which services and advice must comply. For further information about the OISC, please see the Office of Immigration Service Commissioners.

Data Protection
Please note that a record of advice given will be noted and recorded electronically on a confidential system. All data is stored in accordance with Newcastle University’s Data Protection policy. For further details, please visit our Data Protection website. In line with our obligations to the Home Office as a Tier 4 licensed sponsor, however, we may be required to share information on specific cases. Please ask the Visa Team for further details.

In the event of an institutional audit by the OISC, your record may be viewed strictly for audit purposes only. Please let your adviser know if you do not wish to have your record used for this purpose.

In the event of a complaint about the service you have received, please refer initially to our Student Complaints Procedure. If you wish to complain about any immigration advice which you consider to be poor or incorrect, you may contact the OISC.