Inviting your friends and family to visit

Many of you will wish to invite friends and family to visit you while you are studying here. If your family are non-EEA residents, they may need to apply for a Standard Visitor visa (previously known as a 'General Visitor' visa) before travelling to the UK. Here are some steps you can take to assist with their Standard Visitor visa application:

1. A Certificate of Registration can be obtained from S3P or the Helpdesk located on Level 2, King’s Gate.

2. Write a personal letter of invitation for your friend/family member(s). This can be a very simple letter to invite them to come to visit you in the UK. You should include their names, the dates that you would like them to visit and, if possible, the address in the UK at which they will be staying.

3. Photocopy your student visa.

If your friends and family would like to visit you particularly to attend your Congregation Ceremony, you will also need a letter from the Congregations Office confirming that you have been invited to attend your Congregation Ceremony. Please allow one week for this letter to be produced.

When you have all of the above documents, you can send them to your friend/family member(s). They must then apply for a Standard Visitor visa. They will need their passports and some bank statements for this. Full details on the procedure and the required supporting documents can be found on the Home Office website.

Visitor visa applications can take some time to process at busy times, so please encourage your friends/family to apply well in advance of their intended visit.

Please note that at present, the information above may only be applicable if you are studying at the Newcastle campus. If you are studying at Newcastle University London, please email

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