Tier 4 (General) visa workshops

We currently run two workshops to assist students in applying for a Tier 4 (General) visa. Our workshops are open to all non-EEA students currently registered at Newcastle University or those holding recent valid offers of a place at Newcastle University.

In the workshop we will give you further information on how to make a Tier 4 (General) application, including the documents required and how to complete an online Tier 4 application form.

Students are strongly advised to attend a Tier 4 visa workshop before completing the Tier 4 application process. If your visa application is rejected or refused as a result of having completed the process incorrectly, your registration at the University is at risk.

Visa workshops

The workshop you should attend depends on whether you are applying for your visa from within the UK or from your home country. Only certain students are now able to make a Tier 4 (General) application from within the UK. Please check your eligibility here (PDF: 327KB) to find out which workshop you should attend.

Tier 4 (General) visa workshop for applications in the UK

This workshop is for students who need to renew their Tier 4 visa and are eligible to apply in the UK. After attending a workshop you will be able to book a one-to-one appointment with a member of the Visa Team to submit your Tier 4 visa application

Overseas visa application briefing

A briefing for students who are returning to their home country to make a visa application.

INTO students

INTO students will be invited to attend a workshop by email. However if you have cancelled your course at INTO and intend to start a new course either at INTO or Newcastle University you should arrange to attend one of the above visa workshops depending on where you plan to make your application.

INTO Visa Workshop

Non-INTO visa workshops

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